Yearly Stewardship

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

This week our Stewardship Team mailed to all 550 registered families our Annual Stewardship renewal packet. The Stewardship team’s goal is to receive commitment cards from 50% of the 550 households currently registered at Sacred Heart or 275 Commitment Cards.

We are striving to add NEW STEWARDS to the ranks of our registered parishioners to continue and grow our ministries at Sacred Heart both within our walls and those efforts outside our walls and beyond. By your commitment, ongoing feeding programs, such as the Mustard Seed for Worcester’s needy and the Trinity Community Supper in Milford, feed approximately 250 in Worcester and about 100 people in Milford; comprised of homeless, senior citizens on fixed incomes and entire families that can’t make ends meet.

Those households and families who have been in the parish quite some time know the drill; we are asking members of all households to make their commitment of Time, Talent, and Treasure, so that we can continue to move forward as a vibrant community of faith counting on your willingness to share in these three areas of parish life.

These commitment cards are your way of showing that you VALUE our community and each other here at Sacred Heart and are willing to put in writing. It shows your willingness to journey in prayer, in service and financial support, as a member of your parish. I am asking that all families take the time to submit a card. The Stewardship Team and I want to be clear, if for some reason you are unwilling or unable to fill out a section of the card; fill out what you can and leave the rest blank. JUST SEND IN THE CARD! BE CLEAR and somewhat PUBLIC and COMMIT TO MEMBERSHIP HERE AT SACRED HEART.

If you have questions about how you can share your time, talent or treasure, members of the Stewardship Team are willing to meet with you and talk about small ways you can begin. Small steps from many people will put us on the move. We all make commitments to mortgage and car payments, getting our kids to school events, increasing demanding sports schedules and to doctors’ appointments. Are we willing to make a commitment to our parish community and walk with our fellow neighbors as a people committed to each other, as people alive in the Spirit of Stewardship? The Stewardship Team equates Stewardship to ownership, this is your time.

To the many of you who take our stewardship renewal to heart, The Stewardship team and I thank you so very much.

Fr. Bill