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Pastoral Planning Team Agenda
26 October 2015
7:30-9:30 P.M. Meeting
Choir Loft Conference Room

Pam Chaplin, Ernie Chaplin, Jeff Ayotte, Donna Rajcula, Joe Sperino, Chris Hodgens, Catherine Hodgens, Rob Callahan, Melissa Martin-LaVache, Paul Loughlin, Fr. Bill, Sue Conciatori, Karen Barrett

7:30: Opening Prayer

Review and acceptance of Minutes from September 28th meeting – accepted

• Discuss Stewardship Renewal Reminder
o Renewal Breakdown – see sheet attached
o Witness talks were very effective, folks that were there that weekend increased 20%
o Stewardship new to Catholics
o Visuals- Fr Bill will point them out this coming weekend
o Reminder letter will go out in a few weeks (2nd week of November)
• Active draft attached
o Pam will email letter for further wisdom
o Email a heads up that another card is coming?
o It was suggested that it may be effective connecting with people to budge them into ministry ‘you have an amazing personality, have you ever thought of joining the events team?’
• Inactive letter attached
o PLN topic? Will discuss more
o Sell them on benefits and ‘fun’ of coming here, being active
o Do we have the courage to call them?
o Should we add a line that says ‘my spiritual needs are being met elsewhere’
o Pam will email letter for further wisdom

Discuss PACE fundraiser
• We have been doing our Christmas Fair for 30 years on the same weekend
o PACE has chosen to do a similar event on the same date
o Should we approach them and say something or let the chips fall where they may
• We have made great strides with the school system – it was suggested that we have a dialog with them regarding this fundraiser
o PPT to school officials, Brian Miller? Then he would talk with PACE?
• Global calendar for the town? We are a small community and we need to work together
Review the Harvest Fest and Fill-A-Ford results and feedback going forward. Discuss the potential use of funds from the Harvest Fest for planning and promoting the 2016 Harvest Fest
• Hopedale, Northbridge, Worcester and Milford
• How do we build on this for the next year?
o Good partners, good mix of people, good publicity, all hands on deck and all ages on deck
o Build on something for next year that grows outreach and effort
• Consider how we appropriate funds
o Imperial on board next year? Publicity in the papers, etc?
o Purpose to make money or purpose to help the needy
o Make this a part of PLN to dig into these details and discuss further
o Partnership effort between Mission & Outreach and Weekend Experience
o Start an events fund for going forward?

Mission and Outreach Discussion Topics:
• Outreach to inactives or rather a continued concentration on those who are here.
o Lacking serious manpower/woman power/parish effort to seek out those who are inactive.
o Will not be easy to go out to inactives, how do you know when to cut ties?
o Do we create those reachable moments
o Why do we want to invite them back? We need to be right with it internally.
o Ministry focused on ‘evangelization?’
o Brainstorm?
 What appealed to us if we were inactive?
• What brought us back?
• Invite people to have babies baptized?
• Mail to new people moving in welcoming them to town
• Postcard mailing inviting to Christmas
 Whiteboard session
 What are our priorities?
 PLN might be a great time to come up with tactics
• Parish Growth 2016
o Are we anywhere committed to “takin’ it to the streets” or a concerted parish effort aimed at going door to door to the (in actives) in 2016?
o Skills and training manual trains in 6 sessions to give you skills to find ‘reachable moments’ with inactives.
o Have to have people to make this work – we need to put a team together to do this. Train active members to do this.
o August BBQ at Chaplin’s, use that as an example to be a ‘shepherd’ in each neighborhood. Connect with those neighbors about what good work we are doing here.
o We need to make a list of people to invite to be trained
 Strong team with energy
 HR campaign more than capital campaign
 Committee has to recruit, train and oversee
 How do we move forward?
 Should this be our retreat?
 Pinpoint who we really want from each neighborhood.
 Where do we start?
 2 people for each street in Hopedale
 Pilot program to get it going?
 Share at PLN? Look for recruits
 Look at map and choose first groups we are going to train?
 Ready to start, tired of talking about it. If we do not reach out we are going to close. We need to minister to the people that live in Hopedale.
o Street by street listing with actives on top, inactives on the bottom
o Catholics Come Home
 We have permission to use the video before Mass
 Do we show a video of parish happenings, renovations?

• What will be our top 3 priorities be in 2016? May not be decided tonight, but need to keep this important question in mind
o 1.
o 2.
o 3.
Discuss if we are we going to have a Parish Retreat this year
 Should we use the topic of caring and reaching out to invite inactives.
 We could do January, but also through spring and/or in Lent?
 Falls under Message Shapers and will work with Mission & Outreach

Discuss the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration to be held January 18th
 Day of service rather than night
 Prayers
 Teams will go out to work at different locations for 3 hours
 Supper 5-6
 Schools will be videotaping some of the projects
 Community would view video on our screen
 6:30 Power of One Award

Ministry updates:

Message Shapers- general update
 Sacramental Prep meetings and prep
 1st reconciliation prep pushed into November due to renovations
 Eucharist prep will begin
 Next message – Mercy in the Middle or Advent-ures in Mercy?

Weekend Experience Ministry- general update
 5 new altar servers
 Christmas Fair planning is ongoing
Mission and Outreach Ministry- general update
 See above
Operations Ministry- general update
 Coffee And… a lot of new faces
 Mission & Outreach Coffee And…– November 22nd
Discuss the proper posting of the financial info – website, bulletin, etc.
 2nd Sunday of the month
 Collections and expenses
 Low level of detail
 Fringe benefits called benefits instead
 Rob and Melissa to meet next week to come up with a template
Building renovations update
 Digging trenches for wires is a huge project
 We are behind schedule because of a longer process
 Electrical work being done tomorrow
 By Sunday blue paint will be done and pouring will hopefully be dry
 Working on details for altar circle and ramp
Any new business
 Operation Turkey Sandwich – hosted by Hopedale Unitarian Parish
 Looking for turkey, homemade pies, etc
 Adding to bulletin
9:25: Closing Prayer

Next Meeting: Nov. 23rd – Thanksgiving week

Pastoral Planning Team Meeting
September 28, 2015
7:30-9:30 P.M. Meeting
Choir Loft Conference Room

Attendees: Father Bill, Larry Bonetti, Donna Rajcula, Paul Loughlin, Melissa Martin-LaVache, Karen Barrett, Jeff Ayotte, Sue Conciatori, Pam Chaplin, Rob Callahan, Chris Hodgens, Catherine Hodgens, Brenda Fishlock, Helena Martin, Joe Sperino

Opening Prayer

Review and acceptance of Minutes – accepted.

Review Finances and Budget for FY16 – Rob Callahan
• See financial printout for exact figures
• Budgeting worst-case scenario and adding money to savings built in to budget.
• 18% expenses over income
• Looking for increase of 20% in stewardship renewal
• Savings is a concern – need to have reserves
• Block for new stewardship cards will be added with the table of 20% increase –
• Very lean budget, we can be comfortable in knowing we are not spending in extravagance
• Will Fuel & Utilities be addressed when speaking with parishioners? Yes
• Will promote giving in Mass

Harvest Festival Update – Donna & Brenda Fishlock
• Rain is expected on Saturday
• 140+/- tickets sold, but we need to provide seating – may need to use classrooms.
• Marketing and promotion of event was very successful!
• Round tables or rectangular?
• Set-up crew will need support, Donna and Ernie coordinating
• Deadline for tickets is Noon on Wednesday
• Clean-up crew will need to remove tables and chairs on Saturday night to allow for Faith Formation classes Sunday morning.
• Fill-A-Ford – bring food donations into the old cry-room if we have rain.
PLN Topic for Tuesday October 13th – All
• What topic should we discuss?
• Should we continue on the same topic as parenting?
• Any ideas based on next homily series of Teacher, Teach Me?
• It doesn’t appear that topic model is bringing in new PLN attendees, but getting regular attendees more involved.
• What a difference God and Church has made in my life.
• Adult-education program
• How has Pope Francis’ visit impacted you? What did you take away from his visit? This week’s bulletin will begin talking about it.

Coffee & Conversation rotation to create Ministry exposure – Paul Loughlin
• Idea was to have the 4 different ministries host Coffee and… to promote their ministries. Idea was unanimously accepted
• Example: 1 weekend in October, Operations take a weekend and ‘sponsor’ coffee and… come and meet these folks and get to know a little more about this ministry. It was suggested to be 4th weekend to coincide with Starting Points orientation
o October – Operations
o November – Mission & Outreach
o December – Message Shapers
o January – Weekend Experience
• With restructuring Stewardship Renewal Team has not been given enough attention
• All materials have been created/updated in the office and printing will be in-house
• Goes out to all Active and Inactive ministers
• Treasure Presentation? Rob and Father Bill
• Talent Presentation? Joyce Konicki? April Izzi? Grant Gosselin?
• Time Presentation? Jana? Dave Monson? April Izzi?
• Witness Talks?
• Prayer Life, Small Groups
• Plan will be set in the office – what weeks we will have what talks, etc.
• First week of October is goal to mail these out

Cultivating new Liturgical Ministers – Melissa
• Urgent need for ministers, Donna will send email to reinforce need to keep commitments
• Remind people as they make decisions – when they are deciding, pray about what you choose to participate in
• Maybe have alternates?
• After we have stewardship renewal, should we have a retreat for all new commitments
• Work on Ministry Directory – how do we make Ministry Directory more accessible?
Ministry Updates

Message Shapers
• Faith Formation classes have started
• Still more registrations coming in
• Class-to-Mass: Good feedback so far – classes go through the parts of Mass and then attend Mass as a class and shadow in ministry
• Service projects underway, benefiting local area
• Pam shared a thank-you letter from Dr. Catherine Stickney
o Share in the bulletin?

Weekend Experience
• Harvest Fest
• Gerald planning Altar Server training
• New Member Ministry has been updated – ‘Starting Points’ Orientation
o Slide – ‘Starting Points’ Orientation 4th Sunday for the month at 9:30 in the Parish Center

• See financial and budgeting information above

Mission & Outreach
• Working on service projects for COAST
Buildings & Grounds
• Projects coming along nicely
o Day Chapel heat
o AC
o Paint
• Legs for new altar have been installed
• This Saturday tabernacle will be moved, new altar installed, organ moved
o One crew on altar, one on the tabernacle
• New windows in sanctuary in 1-2 weeks
• Repurposing baptismal font area to be work area for altar servers
• Tabernacle and altar installed will allow for details/finish work
• Fall/Winter
o New entrance doors
• This winter
o Old Cry Room – confessional area
o Old Confessional area – parlor for baptisms, weddings, undertakers
• Pews area next summer after asbestos removal
Process to schedule events and meeting expectation
• Please make sure to schedule meetings through Melissa for every space
• Any projects that we generate in ministries should be coordinated and completed by the ministry for the most part
o Depending on ministry leaders to take on as much as they can as far as projects are concerned
• Be aware of how many things that are coming through the office
• Any suggestions to make it easier?
o Volunteers in the office to answer phones?

Select a New Facilitator – Joe Sperino

Closing Prayer

Next Meeting October 26, 2015