Buildings & Grounds

The mission of Building and Grounds is to provide long-planning and goal setting for the maintenance,  repair and expansion of Sacred Heart Church’s facilities and grounds. They provide input on the selection and use of contractors. They also provide input to the Finance Team concerning facility related issues.

Collection Counters

Responsible and discrete volunteers work in assigned teams to count and prepare the deposit of Sunday and other church collections. Teams are assigned specific Sundays throughout the year.

Finance Team

The Finance Team brings together women and men with financial and business expertise to ensure the parish is financially responsible. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing the annual budget, reviewing parish revenue, investigating cost saving strategies and providing parishioners and other leadership teams with a financial report of the parish.

Newsletter Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to inform parishioners and the community of events and perspectives of the parish. Staff members of this ministry write articles on parishioners, church activities and church ministries. Photographers provide pictures and layout artists help us digitally format our final product. Help in all departments is needed in this ministry.

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team is responsible for developing stewardship as a way of life at Sacred Heart. They evaluate the stewardship efforts of the parish, assist with the Stewardship Renewal, and follow up with leaders concerning ministry participation.

Technology Team

This team handles the basics: what you see and what you hear. Tech includes the camera crew as well as the parishioners that work the audio-visual board, putting audio and visual together. Those with social media strengths are important for this team as well to get the ‘one church, one message’ out into the world.