First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

In order to begin the Sacramental Preparation process, a child must:

  • be at least in the 2nd grade
  • enrolled in our Sacramental Preparation program
  • be baptized (Note: This may or may not have occurred in The Roman Catholic Church).

First Reconciliation precedes First Eucharist (Communion). Typically, a child receives their First Reconciliation and Eucharist in 2nd Grade; however, we encourage you to wait until your child is ready. It is never too late for your child to receive their Sacraments. Once it is determined that a child is ready to received their Sacraments, they begin the formal Sacramental Preparation Process.

Reconciliation preparation is the first formal sacramental preparation experience for young children. It is crucial that children have a sense of belonging to a church community that is warm and welcoming to beginning this preparation. In order to understand the concept of being separated from the love (of self, others, and God),  children must know what it is to be connected to a nurturing community.

First Eucharist marks an important milestone in a child’s life: their first opportunity to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. Children entering First Reconciliation and First Eucharist preparation must have 1 year of formal faith formation church experience.

Formal Faith Formation experience is defined as weekly attendance at Friends & Followers/Mass. A familiarity with other parish activities, ministries and events is encouraged.

Our Sacramental Preparation program is designed as a faith journey for kids and their parents to take together. Candidates prepare for and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the fall followed by First Eucharist family preparation sessions held on Saturday afternoons during January, February, and March. First Eucharist is a parish celebration and takes place during the Easter season at Sunday Masses.


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