Faith Formation Policy


We believe that growth in faith is a lifelong journey, undertaken in community and guided by the Holy Spirit.  We believe that the family is the primary community in which faith is shared and nurtured. The whole Church community, beginning at the parish level, puts itself at the service of the family to help form Catholics of all ages. Formal faith formation in the parish is intended to support the family and the Church community in this mission. The goal of Faith Formation at Sacred Heart is active learning that translates into active faith.


The focal point of our curriculum is Sunday Mass. We expect each family to participate at one of the weekend liturgies. It is at Sunday Mass that we become a parish family to celebrate our Christian community. Our children learn by example, and by regularly attending the weekend liturgies they can see their faith put into action. Attending a Faith Formation Class should never take the place of attending Mass.

Faith Formation Opportunities

We seek to provide opportunities for all members of your family to deepen and share their faith.

Opportunities for Children

In addition to Sunday Mass, it is expected that children participate in one of the following Faith Formation opportunities continually from First Grade throughout their High School years.

  1. Friends and Followers (K-1)
  2. Traditional weekly classroom style instruction (Grades 2 – 8)
  3. Attendance of Catholic School
  4. Home Study. This option is only open to families that are fully engaged in the life of the parish by attending Mass weekly and immersed in parish ministries.

Opportunities for Teens and Adults

In addition to Sunday Mass, the following Faith Formation opportunities are available to teens and adults:

  • Small Connect Groups
  • Internet Study
  • Parish Retreat
  • Men’s Retreat
  • Men & Women’s Diocesan Conferences

Attendance Policy

Because our time with your children is limited, our attendance policy is as follows:

It is preferable that children do not miss class, but we understand that situations do arise where absences are unavoidable. It is required that children attend at least 80% of classes (21 out of 26) and make up any missed work.