Confirmation Preparation

The Sacrament of Confirmation fully initiates Catholics into the life of the Church.  Confirmation Preparation at Sacred Heart begins in 9th grade for those who have consecutively attended faith formation (or been actively involved in the life of the parish through Mass attendance and ministry involvement) since reception of First Eucharist.  Preparation culminates in candidates presenting themselves for the Sacrament of Confirmation after completing at least 10 sessions. Young people may take as long as they need to complete all the sessions. Since faith develops and deepens on an individual basis, there is no requirement to finish with the same group/class one begins with.  A pre-requisite for those who have missed or skipped one or more years of faith formation to starting “Decision Point” Confirmation Preparation will be a one-year refresher class.

Those seeking to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation should be:

  1. Baptized and have made First Eucharist
  2. In at least the 9th grade
  3. Involved in on-going ministry, either in the parish or in the community
  4. Participating regularly in Faith Formation since the reception of First Eucharist
  5. Attending Mass regularly with the community of Sacred Heart
  6. Desiring to complete their initiation as disciples of Christ
  7. Willing to make a commitment to participate in and complete the parish preparation program for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation preparation includes:

  • A retreat
  • Regular Mass attendance
  • Preparation sessions
  • Regular participation in parish or community ministry
  • Participation in all Holy Week Services
    • Tenebrae
    • Holy Thursday
    • Good Friday
  • 3 service projects
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