Cherub’s Corner

Cherub’s Corner is offered for children ages 3 through Kindergarten. Children are registered for Cherub’s Corner at the beginning of each year and then check-in prior to each session. Cherub’s Corner is open 15 minutes prior to the 8:30 and the 10:30AM Masses. Parents are asked to promptly check-out their children after Mass. Children will participate in crafts and activities that reinforce the weekend message.

K ~ Know God
I ~ Investigate their talents
D ~ Develop Friendships
S ~ Serve Others

Meet the Teachers

Jess Allen

Michele Alves

Kristin Babinski

Lori Cote

Meredith Daelhousen

Nicole DelVecchio

Barbara Hagan

Jess Heno

Kathleen Kavanagh

Krissy Lambert

Judy McGuire