Local Social Assistance Programs

Thru the Lenten Season 2016; we have heard about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and visiting the imprisoned. So how can we help? When we meet someone who is homeless, when we hear someone’s in trouble or anyone looking for assistance; how can we help? What resources are out there? Here are some websites to know and a quick PDF to download and keep in your wallet to give to the person in need. Information is powerful so let’s honor this Lenten Season by learning how we can feed, cloth or inform someone in need and possibly help.

This view is a brief listing of some of the great charities out in our communities.

Mass 211 (like 911 but dial 211) – Every day, someone somewhere in Massachusetts needs to find essential community services, an after school program, a food bank, or where to secure care for an aging parent. Many face these challenges, but don’t always know where to turn for help. The Solution is to Dial 2-1-1.

Catholic Charities – A wide assortment of help ranging from basic needs, education programs, elder & special need programs, family services, holiday assistance & school supplies, refugee, citizenship & immigration services to residential & shelter services. Check out this helpful chart outlining their current offerings.  Contact info: 508-798-0191 or send an email to: info@ccworc.org

Compassion New England – A non-profit organization, which exists to spread hope & love throughout the community. They provide: vouchers for physical items which are redeemable in their thrift stores, various workshops & classes (GED prep, resume writing, job interview prep, art workshops, ESL etc.), a fuel assistance program, a food pantry & much more!

Daily Bread Food Pantry – Food can be left in baskets at the back of the Church each Sunday, or it can be taken directly to the Pantry on Monday evenings between 6:00 and 8:00 PM. Daily Bread has a rotating list of volunteers who deliver the food every Monday. Volunteers also help pack the food for clients or supervise on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.  Click here for more outreach information

Abby’s House (Abused Women) – Started in 1976, they provide a safe place for woman with or without children to stay, rebuild and renew.

Visitation House (Pregnant Women in Crisis) – 18+ (housing, food & emotional support)

Crozier House (Substance Abuse for Men) – Substance abuse treatment, Halfway house, Residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days)

Milford Housing Authority – Housing authorities provide decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low and moderate income residents.

Winterhaven Homeless Shelter (Homeless) – Family shelter for men and women and also 10 individual singles. Services provided: Counseling, medical care & day programs; 3 meals/day; clothing; Spanish; limited storage; food pantry nearby. Must be sober to enter shelter.

Little Sister’s of the poor (Elderly) – housing in Somerville (permanent) – Resident needs to fit criteria—that he or she is at least 65 years of age with limited assets

Just remember we can help with information, we can donate our time, talent or treasure. Either wy this is the YEAR OF MERCY and we need to be ever mindful to be MERCY to all God’s children.

May God Bless you with his MERCY.