Count me in!

Dear Parish Family,

Every fall is for me a milestone marker. Milestones are the markers along the side of the road where you take a seat and rest a bit before you continue to move forward. There were several ancient Roman milestone markers on the El Camino and of course I took the opportunity to sit on these centuries old markers and look back and where I was and look ahead to where I was going and catch my breath.

This fall as I sit on another milestone marker for our parish I look back with pride on all that has been accomplished. The Annual Stewardship Renewal materials that you will receive in the mail this week will detail all the accomplishments we achieved together this past year. How wonderful it was for me to return from Sabbatical and hear that the Message Shapers continued our Mercy homily series with Msgr. Doran at the helm. How surprised I was that the whole parish house was renovated by people pooling their time, talent and treasure to adopt each of the rooms and transform the whole building for a cost of less than $900.00 worth of paint! How exciting that through the efforts of our Operations team and your generosity we were able to update our parish computer server and system stations and for the first time in my fifteen years here, meet all our ordinary expenses, update the system and put $18,000.00 into savings! Everyone made this possible.

The Weekend Experience Team invited all to come forward as ushers/greeters and many responded to make our parish so welcoming. This ministry alone has brought some inactive parishioners back to worship, and has helped our parish grow with new membership. How excited so many are when we look at our church and grounds. Thanks to your generosity to the Capital Campaign our worship space looks so beautiful. To list all that has been accomplished would take more space than I am allowed; so check out page 4 of the Ministry Catalog.

As with any milestone marker, we not only look back we also look ahead to where we are going and inviting all of us to renew our commitment to each other and our parish in the year ahead. Our theme this year is “ Count me IN! ” We have grown and are growing as a parish and because we are we are looking forward to investing in new ways to minister well to all of us and become Vibrant in our faith for all ages. We also need to increase our communications skills and get the good news of Sacred Heart Parish out to especially those who are members who are not joining us in worship. I am hoping to hear those words from every household, “ Count me/us IN! ” I/we are ready to join our time, talent, and treasure with the rest of our community and move our butts off the milestone onto a new and exciting year of ministry and mission here at Sacred Heart!

Fr. Bill