Grades 7-8

Faith Fundamentals in fun, flexible formats

Completion of all seven topic modules of the following mini-courses and or experiences is required before being considered ready to enroll in the Confirmation Preparation process. It is expected that most young people will complete them over the course of the two years of junior high.

Trinity – Just who is this God that we are invited to follow? Do I even matter to God? What is meant by having a relationship with Jesus? This 4-hour session will introduce you to the “mystery” of God as 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The format will include dinner, watching the movie “The Shack”, followed by discussion in small groups. Parents must also attend this session.

The Church – Why does church matter? What does it mean to belong to the Body of Christ? How does someone really live the Christian life? You have a choice of two different formats: The first, is a 6-week traditional style class (book and discussion) while the second is a more hands-on style experience (scheduled at various times).

Jesus – This lock-in experience is designed to be a day of friends and fun all while discovering who the person of Jesus was and is. It will be held during Christmas vacation, a day to break up your week from the same old, same old and meet Jesus Incarnate. Take the risk to meet someone new and have some new experiences.

The Kingdom of God – Our world is a bit of a mess these days. Violence, war, ISIS, bombings, discrimination against people who are different and lots of other issues that overwhelm and take away peace. How can we learn to live differently? The Kingdom of God offers us another way. Learn about it in a 4 week session of Movies with a Message OR attend a weekend away at SNOWCAMPS. Revelation – How do we know God is real? This is a question that most people have at some point in their life. The difference for those who discover the ways to notice and relate with God is life changing. You can choose to learn about the ways the Catholic Church teaches to find God through a 6-week traditional style class OR if you like to sing or play an instrument, you can participate in Sacred Heartbeats Music Ministry.

Sacraments – Catholicism is a religion of the senses. We celebrate and ritualize moments of life modelled after Jesus’ life. Come learn why we do the things we do. There will be a 2 hour prep session, and then you will be required to attend Holy Week liturgies and at least one additional parish activity. A 1 hour follow-up session will complete this experience.

Morality – What does it mean to live a moral life? God has a plan for each of us and our Catholic faith teaches us the boundaries to live within that will make us truly happy. (3 hr session before Apr vac)