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Partners in Charity Update

As of April 19th, we are at 88.23% of our parish goal!

If you are still considering your participation, take some time to review the materials found on the Partners In Charity website and if you need help with your commitment, do not hesitate to call the office for assistance at 508-473-1900.  God Bless.

New Doors to God’s Home

Dear Parish Family,

It is Monday morning and I am getting my usual Monday morning responsibilities taken care of including my weekly bulletin letter. As I write this I am looking out my office window to see if the truck delivering our new front doors has arrived. They are supposed to be delivered today and installed this week. We ordered them in January and many have asked why it takes so long.

First, we did not order the doors until we had the money from our Capital Campaign to pay for them. Second, they are a special order; we can’t just call a company and buy them off the shelf. We have specific needs for our doors. Since the church was built we have become bigger people, and so caskets have gotten bigger! So instead of 48” wide double doors we are getting 60” wide double doors. The panic bars will also be recessed giving us the full 60” to enter the church when the doors are opened.

The existing doors were difficult to keep clean due to the brass grill work. This will not be a problem with the new doors. Actually, as I am writing this I am hoping when you come this weekend you may enter through the new doors!
Some have also asked why we don’t just fix the existing doors. Since I have been here we have spent a great deal of money trying to fix them and have been told that the mechanisms are no longer fixable. I was told by Lou Thibeault (may he rest in peace) when we started gathering information for our major renovations that the doors were always a problem since they were installed and never worked well. He was a member of the building committee when the church was built in 1965. With his wisdom, we moved to replace the doors and increase the size of entry due to meet our current needs.

The tile in the new handicap bathroom is installed and I am also hoping that the plumber will come this week to install the sink and toilet. This has been a long haul but well worth waiting for as we continue to “Make God’s house, a Home.” As I type this the truck just pulled in! Yeah!

Fr. Bill

50 Days of Easter

Dear Parish Family,

Happy Easter everyone! And now that it is the Easter Season, we enter into this season of “amazing grace” as we celebrate the Easter sacraments through Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmation, and Baccalaureate. As a community we rejoice in the sacramental grace that flows as we gather as a parish community. At the same time, we celebrate the achievements of our graduating seniors as they move to the next stage of their lives.

It is wonderful to have people approach me to bless religious gifts that are being presented for these occasions. “Father, I am going to my grandson’s graduation in New York on Sunday would you please bless this for me?” We travel far and wide to celebrate and affirm the many happenings in the lives of loved ones and family members. This beautiful weather too, is a cause for celebration.

We have fifty days to get it all in and somehow it seems to pass oh so quickly. My suggestion is to take one event at a time and build strong family ties as you rejoice at each event. Making time to affirm, celebrate and enjoy each other in these sacred moments helps us to put into perspective the times when we are challenged by the stumbling blocks that trip us up from time to time.

To all who are celebrating sacramental grace, and achievement; be in the present moment and drink in the love that comes from family and friends who gather. To all who are rejoicing; pay attention to how important you gift of presence is as all gather and share in the many gifts we bring to each other by simply “being there!”

Happy Easter!
Fr. Bill

Seder Supper 2017

On Palm Sunday Eve, as we have for the past 35 years, we gathered as a Parish Family to partake in the wonderful tradition that is The Seder Supper to recreate The Passover.

There are so many to thank. Thank you to those who attended our gathering; Joe Calabrese for our hall set-up; the parish office for their support; to PR Running and Judge Francis & Virginia Larkin for the contribution of wine; to Oliva’s Catering for the wonderful meal; to the Sacred Heartbeats, who led us in song; to our wonderful host family The Corcoran Goyette Family; Philip & Tara, Casey, Riley and Rory, perfectly exemplified what it is to be a family and the bounty that comes from that unity; Thanks, of course, to our dear Pastor, Father Bill who teaches and leads us to be a better people and inspires us to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Last but by no means least, a special thanks to our wondrous Seder Committee: Rich & Jess Allen, Dave & Audrey Barber, Ralph & Jane Becker, Mike & Sue Conciatori, Bob & Julia Manning, Linda Matondi, Rob & Gina Russell, and Diane Ward. They will be and are missed greatly. The Seder is what it is because of a dedicated few who give of their time, talent and treasure to realize the joy of continuing this tradition. Our committee itself is a “treasure”!

Next year we will continue this spirit filled tradition on the night before Palm Sunday. Please consider this message an early invitation to all of you, Our Parish Family, to once again experience “A nite unlike any other nite”, a perfect prelude to Holy Week.


Michael Matondi

Holy Week Schedule


Tenebrea with Reconciliation – 7:00 PM

Holy Thursday

Liturgy – 7:30 PM

Good Friday

Walk The Walk Registration – 9:30 AM
Walk The Walk – 10:00 AM
Stations Of The Cross – 3:00 PM
Veneration Of The Cross – 7:30 PM


Easter Vigil – 7:30 PM


Easter Mass – 8:30 AM
Easter Mass – 10:30 AM

Holy spirit moving through our staff

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

While we have all been making our Lenten journey as a parish community and small groups growing deeper in our relationship to Jesus Christ, our Pastoral Planning Team has been led by the Holy Spirit to look deeper into our parish structure and to realign ourselves as a leadership team. The Spirit has also been moving through our staff and taken over completely!

Melissa has been led to another job and will be serving with us until April 20th. She will still be active in ministry, but will be working in the health care field. We wish her well in her new position. We welcome Darlene Page and Tina Buckley in their new roles as office administrative assistants. Both, Darlene and Tina will work with Melissa during the next two weeks to learn the day to day operations of the parish.

Starting in May, Tara Corcoran will begin working in the area of Faith Formation. She will be working the with the younger people and their parents as Pam puts together a team for Vibrant Faith University. Lots of movement and blessings for us all as the Holy Spirit guides and directs our parish mission and work.

The Pastoral Planning team is full of energy and wisdom and has been such a blessing. I am so proud to witness this much dedication and attention each person has to reach out and serve all members of our community. How lucky we are to have the Holy Spirit give us so much special attention during these times of transition.

As we journey through this Holy Week I am praying a special prayer of thanksgiving for the goodness that has unfolded during this time of doors opening, new opportunities ahead, and our coming “Up from the waters!” Have a blessed Holy Week, see you in church!

Fr. Bill

Passiontide and Holy Week

With the Fifth Sunday of Lent we enter a period in the church calendar called Passiontide; the two weeks between Passion Sunday and Easter Sunday. Some of you may remember that beginning this weekend all the statues were covered with purple cloth as a reminder that we must focus solely on the passion, death and finally the resurrection of Jesus. This Fifth week we are called to examine how we will make Holy Week, that begins next Sunday; a week of personal spiritual growth and not just an ordinary week of Lent, and most especially not just an ordinary week in our lives.

As much as we strive through prayer, fasting and acts of charity throughout the Lenten Season, Holy Week is considered the “final stretch” of our spiritual exercises to move with the universal church with the power of the Holy Spirit. Many traditions abstain from meat throughout the whole of Holy week as do the Mediterranean and Slavic nations. These traditions call for simple meal preparation in order that the whole family can enter fully into the rituals celebrated throughout the week in all the Catholic communities throughout the world.

How are you planning on making Holy Week a time for your personal spiritual growth? How are you planning on making Holy Week more than just an ordinary week in your life? How are you planning on making Holy Week, Holy?

Have you ever attended the Seder Supper? Have you ever attended Tenebrae? Have you had your feet washed on Holy Thursday, or spent time at the altar of repose Holy Thursday evening? Have you prayed with the universal church on Good Friday Evening, thanking God for the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and reverenced the cross with the assembled community? Have you celebrated our salvation story at the Easter Vigil and welcomed our new Catholics joining us on the journey of faith receiving the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation?

If not, why not? Don’t let another Holy Week pass as just another “ordinary week.” Make the time to enter the beautiful rituals that put flesh on our spiritual journey. If you do, you will never be the same.
Fr. Bill